Customs World’s World Logistics Passport initiative to boost trade

November 18. 2019

A loyalty program led by PCFC, in collaboration with other key partners in Dubai including dnata and DP World, encompassing individual freight forwarders, traders, or business owners in three tiers.

Currently one of the strongest logistics markets in the world and the regional leader, Dubai has gone through many transformations. To maintain Dubai’s robust global position, Customs World has announced the implementation of the visionary Dubai Silk Road strategy, a strategy that aims to develop the emirate’s logistics sector. The Silk Road strategy is set to play a vital role in spiking demand for high-value low-weight products and multimodal transportation services within Dubai and has been approved earlier this year by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum.

As a part of the Dubai Silk Road strategy, the emirate has introduced the World Logistics Passport, a disruptive program that provides traders and freight forwarders operational and financial benefits across the value chain. With the introduction of operational efficiencies, Customs World believes that traders and freight forwarders will decrease overall costs and increase revenues, thereby increasing direct, transit and free zone trading in Dubai. Ahmad Mahboub, the Director General of Dubai Customs said: “The Silk Road Strategy is a major transformation of the current Sea/Air trade mode that makes up 20% of Dubai’s overall trade. This is transformational not only to traders within Dubai’s local market and boarders, but also to traders outside of Dubai.”

The World Logistics Passport program identifies synergies between governmental entities and logistical hubs such as DP World and DNATA. With a strong emphasis on maintaining Dubai’s leading position in multimodal transportation, the program aims to incentivise traders and freight forwards in exchange for an increase in the total trade performed by the subject traders and freight forwarders by connecting logistical services and facilitating trade throughout the emirate.

Ms. Nadya A. Kamali, Chief Executive Officer of Customs World said “The World Logistics Passport Initiative is the first initiative implemented under the Dubai’s Silk Road Strategy and is aimed to overcome and fix the current challenges that the trade community faces. This initiative is put in place to complement the strategy and objectives of Customs World to reinvent trade and logistics thru innovation and disruptive thinking”.

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